Dr Maria Jaschok


Director, International Gender Studies Centre (Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford)

Email: maria.jaschok@lmh.ox.ac.uk

Website: http://www.lmh.ox.ac.uk/Tutors/Lecturers/Profiles/Dr-Maria-Jaschok.aspx


PhD (SOAS) Chinese Social History (London)


  • Research Fellow, Lady Margaret Hall (Oxford). Research Scholar, Contemporary China Study Programme (Oxford). Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (Copenhagen, DK): NIAS Associate, Senior Researcher. Member of Advisory Editorial Board for Gendering Asia series, NIAS (Copenhagen). Member of Editorial Board Berliner China-Hefte, Chinese History and Society, (Berlin): Lit Verlag. Member of Academic Advisory Committee of 'China in Comparative Perspective Network' (CCPN), LSE, London. Founder member of the Women's Initiative on International Affairs in Asia. Co-Founder of Women and Gender in Chinese Studies Network (WAGNet) and Women and Gender in Chinese Studies Review. Member of International Advisory Board, Research Center of Translation Studies, China Women's University, Beijing

Research Activities and Interests:

  • Entry on ‘Political-Social Movements: Community-Based: China’ contributed to Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures (EWIC), Online Edition. Koninklijke Brill N.V., 2012.

    Chapter: ‘The Study of Islam, Women, and Gender in China: Taking a “Gender-Critical Turn”’, contributed to Gendering Chinese Religion: Subject, Identity, and Body edited by Jia Jinhua, Kang Xiaofei, and Ping Yao. New York: The State University of New York Press, publication, 2012.

    Article: 'Women Ahong, Sexual Morality and Muslim Identity in Chinese Consumer Society - claiming the female body' contributed to Women's Empowerment and Sexual & Bodily Rights in Muslim Asia and the Middle East edited by Homa Hoodfar and Anissa Helie. Zed Books, 2012.

    Chapter: ‘Sources of Authority: Female Ahong and Qingzhen Nüsi (Women’s Mosques) in China’ contributed to Women, Leadership and Mosques: Changes in Contemporary Islamic Authority edited by Masooda Bano and H. Kalmbach, Brill, Leiden, 2012.

    Forth-coming ‘Women’s Mosques in Chinese Islam’ contributed to The Oxford Handbook of the Islamic Diaspora, Zvi Ben-Dor Benite ed. (forthcoming, Oxford University Press) 2012.

    2011 Women, Space and Religion in China – Islamic Mosques & Daoist Temples, Catholic Convents & Chinese Virgins, co-authored with Shui JJ (Routledge, NY, 2011)

    2009 ‘Education, Gender and Islam in China: the place of religious education in challenging and sustaining “undisputed traditions” among Chinese Muslim women’, co-authored with H. M. V. Chan ( International Journal of Educational Development, 2009)

    2008 ‘Women’s Mosques Education, Female Ignorance and Chants to Save Souls; Chinese Hui Muslim Women Remembering Jingge, Remembering History’ in Studies in Adult and Community Education, 52 (The Japan Society for the Study of Adult and Community Education, Tokyo, 2008)

    2007 ‘Ethnographic “World-Travelling”: Of Passages and Boundaries, of Aspirations and Differences’ in Outskirts. Feminisms along the edge (17)

    2007 ‘Thinking the Unheard, Writing the Unwritten – Collaborating the Feminist Way’ in Identity and Networks, Bryceson et al eds. (Berghahn, 2007)

    2005 ‘Gender, Religion, and Little Traditions: Chinese Muslim Women Singing Minguo’ in Women in China. The Republican Era in Historical Perspective, M Leutner and N. Spakowski, eds. (LITT Verlag Berlin, 2005)

    2002 Chinese Women Organizing, co-ed. with Hsiung Ping-chun and C. Milwertz (Berg, 2002)

    2000 The History of Women’s Mosques in Chinese Islam, co-authored with Shui JJ (Curzon, 2000)