Dr Reza Hasmath

Lecturer in Chinese Politics

Reza Hasmath (PhD, Cambridge) was formally trained in philosophy, public policy, international studies and law, diplomacy, and social and political sciences, as well as in various East Asian and Western European languages. He has held faculty positions in Management and Sociology at the Universities of Toronto and Melbourne, and has previously worked for think-tanks, consultancies, development agencies, and NGOs in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and China. He is an Associate Professor in Political Science at the University of Alberta; Tutor in the Politics of China at Hertford College, University of Oxford; and, a Research Associate in the China Growth Centre, St. Edmund Hall, and the Department of Social Policy and Intervention at the University of Oxford. Further, he is an Honorary Member of the China Studies Centre, University of Sydney, a team member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ China Household Ethnicity Survey Project, and the Foundation Editor of Routledge’s Book Series on the Politics and Sociology of China. His current research is supported by various grant schemes, notably the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation, and can be summarized in threefold: (1) Analyzing evolving state-society relationships in China, and its policy-specific implications; (2) Examining the education (esp. tertiary level) and labour market (from the job search, hiring and promotion process) experiences of ethnic minorities in the Canadian, American, Australian and Chinese contexts; and, (3) Assessing the theories and practices of international development, and differential treatment in international society.



Research and Supervision Interests

Immigration and Migration

International Development Theory and Practice        
Managing Ethnic Diversity                                         
NGO Governance and Management                           

Organizational Behaviour                                           

Political and Social Theory

Political Sociology
Politics and Sociology of Contemporary China

Social Policy
Work and the Labour Market





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Journal Articles

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     Chinese Translation: 同构压力,认知群体,政府-NGO 合作在中国.

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     Chinese Translation: 中国和主地方政府与非政府组织.

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     Winner of the Society for the Study of Social Problems’ Poverty, Class, and Inequality Division Paper


      French Translation: “Recherche d’Emploi, Embauche et Promotions le Vécu des Minorités Ethniques

        sur le Marché du Travail de Beijing”.
      Spanish Translation: “De la Búsqueda de Empleo al Ascenso. Experiencias de las Minorías Etnicas en

9.  Hasmath, R. and Hsu, J. (2008) “NGOs in China: Issues of Good Governance and Accountability”, Asia

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     Chinese Translation: 中国公民社会组织良好治理的研.
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       Winner of the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes’ Research Prize

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Working Papers 

1.  Hasmath, R. and Hsu, J. (2015) “Communities of Practice and Social Learning: An Analysis of the NGO

        Sector in China”, Paper Presented at Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and

        Voluntary Action Annual Conference (Chicago, USA), November 19-21.

2.  Hsu, J. and Hasmath, R. (2015) “Approaching Maturity: The Role of Knowledge and Professionalization

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3.  MacDonald, A. and Hasmath, R. (2015) “What is the Role of Discrimination in Minority Salary

        Determination? Evidence from China”, Paper Presented at Academy of Management Annual Meeting

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4.  Hasmath, R. (2014) “White Cat, Black Cat or Good Cat: The Beijing Consensus as an Alternative

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      Winner of the Society for the Study of Social Problems’ Law and Society Division Alfred R.

        Lindesmith Award.


Policy Briefs and Technical Reports

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Contact Information

Office: + (44-1865) 613-827
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