Forum on Health, Environment and Development (FORHEAD)

Forum on Health, Environment and Development (FORHEAD)

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FORHEAD is an interdisciplinary network of researchers and other professionals working on the intersections of health, environment and development in China. Since 2008, FORHEAD has sought to build the field of interdisciplinary environmental health studies in China through a number of activities, including:

  • small grants to support pilot interdisciplinary research projects
  • workshops to strengthen capacity for conducting interdisciplinary work on environment and health
  • facilitating communication between researchers and users of research including media and NGOS
  • development of curriculum and other training materials

FORHEAD is based at the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The network now has more than 1000 participants from across China and internationally. FORHEAD is co-Directed by Professor Wang Wuyi of CAS and Jennifer Holdaway of the School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies, University of Oxford.

For more information about FORHEAD, capacity building resources, and publications by network members, please visit our website at Further information is also available on the website of the Social Science Research Council, where FORHEAD co-Director Jennifer Holdaway was formerly based as Director of the China Environment and Health Initiative.

Key FORHEAD publications

Food Safety in China: a mapping of problems and research. Forum on Health, Environment and Development (FORHEAD) Report. 2013. Co-authored with Lewis Husain. Available online here (Also available in Chinese).

中国区域环境健康与发展综合分析. 2014.王五一、杨林生、李海蓉、(英)贺珍怡,等编辑. 北京:中国环境出版社. [Integrated Analysis of Regional Development, Environment and Health in China. Wang Wuyi, Yang Linsheng, Li Hairong, Jennifer Holdaway et al. eds. Beijing: China Environment Press.]

环境与健康;跨学科视角。 2010. Jennifer Holdaway, 王五一,叶敬忠,张食秋编辑。北京:社会科学文献出版社. [Environment and Health: Cross-disciplinary perspectives. 2010. Jennifer Holdaway, Wang Wuyi, Ye Jingzhong and Zhang Shiqiu, eds. Beijing: Social Science Academies Press].

Environment and Health: an emerging interdisciplinary research field. Jennifer Holdaway, ed., Journal of Contemporary China. 2010. (special issue).

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