About the China Centre

About the University of Oxford China Centre


The University of Oxford China Centre was launched in May 2008. It joins together academics from across the whole University, co-ordinating activities in all areas of study of China, with OSGA's Contemporary China Studies serving as a key stakeholder and partner.

Its objective is to ensure that the University's commitment to the study of China is continually developed and expanded as the rising power of China sets new challenges and requires new areas of research. The Centre is directly supported by both the Humanities and Social Sciences Divisions.

The University of Oxford China Centre plays a key role in the University's strategy to strengthen its relationship with China and other centres of scholarship in Chinese studies worldwide. The Centre advances the expertise of the University's outstanding academics by encouraging original research, publication, joint projects and collaboration with scholars and institutions in China, the UK and elsewhere.

In addition, the University of Oxford China Centre provides a critical interface for the University's relations with business, government and non-governmental institutions involved with China. We initiate a broad range of outreach activities for alumni and friends of Chinese Studies, and disseminate knowledge about the ongoing research and teachings within the University and beyond.

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