Academic Visitors

Academic Visitors - Affiliation with Contemporary China Studies

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Academic Visitors (PhD holders) are welcome to apply for affiliation with Contemporary China Studies.

Academic Visitors will be provided with a University card, access to the library, and an email address, but no access to college facilities. Academic Visitors also have use of shared hotdesking space at the China Centre and are welcome to attend China Centre lectures and seminars.

Please note that Academic Visitors must pay bench fees of £1750 per academic year.

To apply, potential Academic Visitors should:

1. First, identify an appropriate academic/faculty member in the department to serve as your academic host. Academic/faculty member profiles can be found here.

2. Send the relevant faculty member a research proposal (including the proposed dates of your visit) and a CV.

3. If the academic is able and willing to host the visitor, further instructions will then be provided by the programme. 

You can view our current Academic Visitors' profiles here.

Previous Academic Visitors