Barclay Bram Shoemaker, MSc Student in Contemporary Chinese Studies, Publishes Articles in Vice Offering Unique Insights into Chinese Society

Barclay Bram Shoemaker, current student in the MSc in Contemporary Chinese Studies, has recently published a selection of articles in Vice which give readers original insight into China's rapidly changing society. The topics covered  include Tongqi the women married to closeted gay men, Shanghai's reggae music scene, Mobikes' bike sharing scheme, a history of fortune cookies, and rooftopping.  Please take the time to browse some of these articles!

This Religious Aesthete Has Dedicated His Life to Making the Perfect Bowl of Noodles

On Tongqi, the women married to closeted gay men

On Shanghai's reggae music scene

On Mobikes, bike sharing schemes, and the bicycle as a metaphor for China

On the history of the fortune cookie—how a Japanese regional snack became synonymous with Chinese food in the American imagination

On rooftopping and the foibles of social media