China Centre Newsletter Archive - Hilary Term 2014

China Centre Newsletter - HT14

Welcome to the China Centre Newsletter Hilary 2014 Edition. The University of Oxford China Centre joins together academics from across the whole university, coordinating activities in all areas of study of China. The University of Oxford China Centre plays a key role in the University's strategy to strengthen its relationship with China and other centres of scholarship in Chinese studies worldwide. The Centre advances the expertise of the University's outstanding academics by encouraging original research, publication, joint projects and collaboration with scholars and institutions in China, the UK and elsewhere.



The China Centre is delighted to welcome the following Academic Visitor:

  • Dr Yong Xie is an Associate Professor of Economics at Nanjing Agricultural University, China. Currently he is an academic visitor in the University of Oxford China Centre funded by China Scholarship Council (CSC) from January 2014 to January 2015. He gained his Ph.D degree in Economics from Nanjing University in 2011. His research interests lie in the field of rural labour employment in China, household saving behaviour and income inequality. He is currently focusing on the employment of rural-urban migrant workers, including wage determination, job mobility and social security, etc.



  • The latest updates on the work to the Dickson Poon University of Oxford China Centre Building are available on the St Hugh’s website.
  • Prof Xiaolan Fu and a consortium of partners have won a 2.5 million euro EU FP7 award for a research project on multinational enterprises (MNEs) and development. The project aims to examine the role of multinational enterprises in global development, especially in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). A work package to be led by Prof Fu will focus on the impact of Chinese direct investment in Africa.
  • Prof Xiaolan Fu has been awarded a High-end Foreign Expert grant (based at Tsinghua University) by the State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs. She is also invited as a Visiting Professor at the School of Economics of Fudan University.
  • Prof Xiaolan Fu is elected as the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies (JCEBS) published by Taylor and Francis. JCEBS is the official journal of the Chinese Economic Association (UK).
  • Dr Jun Hou has joined the TMCD centre as a research fellow in August of last year. He holds a PhD at Maastricht University, UNU-MERIT.


  • ACE trial Update - The Acarbose Cardiovascular Evaluation (ACE) clinical trial has successfully recruited over three quarters of the 7,500 participants required. The ACE trial is coordinated by the University of Oxford Diabetes Trials Unit (DTU), sponsored by University of Oxford and funded by Bayer Healthcare. It is a cardiovascular outcome trial being conducted in around 150 hospitals in the People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong. Local oversight is provided by the DTU-led Oxford University (Beijing) Science & Technology Company Ltd., which is situated in Beijing's Central Business District. The ACE trial is determining whether acarbose, a glucose-lowering drug, can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes in people with coronary heart disease who also have impaired glucose tolerance. It is also evaluating whether this drug can prevent or delay progression to type 2 diabetes in this high-risk population. As with all large-scale DTU trials there are opportunities for other groups to include ancillary studies that address potential disease mechanisms, clinically important questions or other queries pertinent to the ACE population. Full information, including an application form for new proposals, is available from the ACE trial website.



  • Prof Andrew Hamilton, Vice-Chancellor of the University, gave a Welcome Speech at the Best Paper Award ceremony of the 6th Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship annual conference. The Technology and Management for Development Centre (TMCD) directed by Prof Xiaolan Fu co-hosted this conference with the National Centre for Entrepreneurship and the Centre for Innovation Research of Tsinghua University in Oxford on the 29th and 30th August 2013.
  • In December Prof Craig Clunas visited the China Academy of Arts, Hangzhou, where he gave a series of lectures and was made a Fellow of the China Institute of Visual Research; he also gave a long interview to the Newspaper Dongfang daily.
  • Dr. Reza Hasmath provided analysis of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Congress of the CPC Central Committee in the International Business Times (7 and 15 November) and Weekendavisen (15 November).
  • Dr. Reza Hasmath’s research on ethnic minority integration in China was featured in the South China Morning Post (30 October and 17 December), El Mundo (1 November), Correio Braziliense (3 November), To Vima (3 November) and Radio France International (17 November).
  • Dr Anthony Garnaut and Dr Kevin Fogg recently organised a roundtable discussion on Islamic Reformism in China, a University of Oxford Contemporary China Studies Programme and Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies event.
  • Dr Anthony Garnaut organised a talk by Deng Yuwen called ‘Xi Jinping: His First Year as Party Secretary’.



Please check our Events page for details of upcoming events.

•    Prof Jessica Rawson is Slade Professor of Art in Cambridge for the year and will give open lectures this term.

•    The Taiwan Programme Seminar series has been announced.

•    The Department of Sociology will be holding a lunchtime seminar series this term.

•    Director General of UNIDO, Mr. Yong Li, will give the TMCD centre Distinguished Guest Lecture on February 13th at the Examination School.



  • Prof Xiaolan Fu, Director of the Technology and Management for Development Centre, gave a presentation on 'Technology and Trade in Low Income Countries, SSAs and Small Vulnerable Economics' at the WTO 2013 Public Forum in Geneva.gave the keynote speech at the ‘Go Global Strategy and International Business Education in China’ conference at Leeds University in November.
  • She gave the keynote speech at the ‘Go Global Strategy and International Business Education in China’ conference at Leeds University in November and at the ‘IPR and international technology transfer’ conference organized by the Shenzhen government in December  
  • She presented papers on 'The Growth Impact of Direct Investment From China on Host Countries', 'China's Innovation Policy', and 'The Diffusion Of Innovation in Low Income Countries' at several international conferences such as the Academy of International Business annual conference and the Development Studies Association annual conference. She has also given seminars at several UK and Chinese universities such as Tsinghua and Fudan university and Development Research Centre of the State Council.



  • Dr Rachel Murphy has two articles which have just been published/about to be published:

Minhui Zhou, Rachel Murphy and Ran Tao (2014) ‘The Education of Children Left Behind in Rural China: Parents’ Labor Migration and Boys’ Disadvantage’, Population and Development Review (March).

Rachel Murphy (2014) ‘School and Study in the Lives of Children in Migrant Families: A View from Rural Jiangxi, China’, Development and Change 45 (1) (January).


  • Prof Xiaolan FU’s publications include:

Zhu, S. and Fu, X. (2013) ‘Drivers of export upgrading’, World Development, 2013, 51: 221-233

Shen, G. and Fu, X. ‘The trade effects of US anti-dumping duty on China post WTO entry’, World Economy, forthcoming.

Fu, X., Xiong, H. and Li, J. ‘Open Innovation as a response to constraints and risks’, Asian Economic Paper, forthcoming.

Fu, X. and Mu, R. “Boosting innovation capabilities in China: the policy choices”, China and the World Economy, forthcoming.


  • Dr. Reza Hasmath recently published the following:

The Interactions of Ethnic Minorities in Beijing”, University of Oxford Centre on Migration, Policy and Society Working Paper 14-111: 1-26.


  • Dr Ming-chin Monique Chu has recently published a book called ‘The East Asian Computer Chip War’.