War Crimes and Justice in China and East Asia in the Post-1945 Era


Speakers: Dr. Barak Kushner, Dr. Sherzod Muminov, Dr. Andrew Levidis

Dr. Barak Kushner will present an overview of his 5-year ERC project which investigates how East Asia redefined itself after World War II (www.warcrimesandempire.com). He will briefly talk about the most recent research emanating from the project and how justice was pursued in the immediate aftermath of Japan's surrender in China. Dr. Sherzod Muminov will speak on the internment of over 600,000 former Japanese servicemen in the USSR after defeat and Soviet-Japan relations. Dr. Andrew Levidis will reconsider the origins of the Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945) from the perspective of divisions within the Japanese conservative elite and the impact on the postwar.