Resistance to waste incineration in rural China

Resistance to waste incineration in rural China - Anna Lora-Wainwright, Thomas Johnson and Lu Jixia

resistance to incineration

This project is supported by a three-year grant (2014-2017) titled 'Coalitions of the "weak": fighting pollution at China's rural-urban interface', funded by Hong Kong Research Grants Council (HK$457,168). It started in 2013 as a collaboration with Dr. Thomas Johnson (City University of Hong Kong) and Dr. Lu Jixia (China Agricultural University). We carried out an extensive documentary research, several interviews with lawyers and NGO workers, and exploratory fieldwork in three sites (Hebei, Guangdong and Sichuan). Further fieldwork took place in 2016 and 2017. Data analysis has commenced and the project team presented working papers at AAS, and at workshops hosted by Duke-Kunshan University and by Harvard's Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies. Project collaborators are currently drafting a co-authored monograph.

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Johnson, T. Lora-Wainwright, A. and Lu, J. 2018 “The quest for environmental justice in China: citizen participation and the rural–urban network against Panguanying’s waste incinerator”, in Special Feature of Sustainability Science: The EJAtlas: Ecological Distribution Conflicts as Forces for Sustainability. Vol 13.  The article can be found here.